In addition to his many scientific publications, Chris Frueh has also published nine historical crime novels under the pen name Christopher Bartley. Kicking off with “THEY DIE ALONE” (2013) and most recently “A SEASON PAST” (2019), these novels form a collection of stories about men with guns and their search for meaning and intimacy.

Eight of these works form a series set in 1934 America at the end of Prohibition as the country was still in the grip of the Great Depression. The protagonist, Ross Duncan, is a world weary bank robber and roving conscience haunted by the death of his partner during a recent bank heist. Duncan, who is on the run from J. Edgar Hoover’s fledgling FBI is caught grasping for a chance of moral redemption from his life of crime. Set in the era of the Public Enemy, these are cool yet fast-paced and violent stories of Tommy guns, cold gin martinis, sharp repartee, piles of cash, and deadly betrayals. 

They Die Alone: A Ross Duncan Novel by Christopher Bartley featuring a grey stone building a iron gate with two cars parked in front of it in the background and a car driving on a cobblestone road with headlights on in the foreground

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